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Best Furniture Brands (2021): Best Decor And Home Furnishings

Decorating and furnishing Best Furniture Brands the house is one of the most important aspects of our life. You relax on it, your children play on it, you sleep or eat on it, and in so many cases you have your whole life to do with a beautifully chosen piece of furniture. A lot of people turn to furniture retailers who have really inexpensive furniture and who often overlook the quality when looking for a low price. However, Best Quality Furniture Brands can make all the difference in your cute home, even though the best furniture brands have been around for many years. Statistically, for every piece of quality furniture on the market, there are 10 pieces of garbage that don’t last a year. It’s so sad, but when you know the best brands of furniture to choose from and where to buy them, you can really focus on finding the styles and prices that will suit your needs.

Best Furniture Brands

Buying the highest quality furniture online is much cheaper, but it can overwhelm even the most seasoned buyers. To help you get out of the chaos of buying furniture in online stores, we have compiled a list of what we consider to be the best furniture manufacturers on the market today. We did the homework so you don’t have to. We make it easy and fun to find the best furniture that will last a long time. Below is a quick reference about the top furniture brands we talked about here:

Some manufacturers specialize in certain styles, such as: B. antique, rustic, transitional, industrial, modern or traditional furniture. With such a variety of designs, figuring out which piece of furniture will best suit your space is not easy. Matching your needs with the right furniture brands can ensure you are not wasting time. The best brands and high quality furniture stores have a wide selection that is easy to sort through for comparing pieces. Knowing what to expect before you step into a store or buy furniture online can help make your purchasing decision easier. Check the brands on this list – every furniture company has quality furniture and buying Best Outdoor Furniture Brands would be easy.

Hooker Furniture

Hooker Furniture is a good example of a high quality furniture brand that manages to keep up with the present. Their catalog features some of the best furniture, from traditional and modern mid-century styles to contemporary styles. In 1925, Clyde Hooker Jr. pulled the string of the steam whistle that marked the first day of work at the Hooker Best Patio Furniture Brands Company.

Stylish, beautiful and well-made furniture have made the company one of the leading furniture manufacturers. In 2000,

Clyde passed the leadership torch to Paul B. Toms Jr., grandson of the company’s founder. This made Hooker Furniture a third Generation Company and one of the few furniture brands that are still managed by a member of the founding family.

Headquartered in Martinsville, Virginia, the company has corporate headquarters and Multiple sales offices, and employs

approximately 800 people in locations in Virginia and North Carolina. Hooker Furniture is a relative of several other smaller furniture brands  such as Sam Moore and Strong> Bradington-Young.

Sam Moore Furniture’s custom upholstery is manufactured in Bedford, Virginia. Much of the premium leather upholstery line is manufactured in Hickory, NC by Bradington-Young

Finally, Hooker Furniture also imports a wide range of solid wood furniture for bedrooms, living room accents, dining rooms, home office and home entertainment, and leather furniture from factories around the world. The design and construction of this furniture is carefully monitored by Hooker Furniture or Bradington-Young to the highest standards. This type of investment and partnership shows that Hooker Furniture understands that being among the best furniture companies depends on its company’s ability to be innovative and modern.

Hooker Furniture doesn’t sell online through its website, although you can find great furniture by style at one of their online retailers. And if you like this brand, check out our article on Reviews of Hooker Furniture and their Best Leather Furniture Brands.

Lexington Home Brands

Lexington Furniture, now owned and operated by Lexington Home Brands, is a world leader in the design, supply and manufacture of premium home furniture. Since its inception in 1903, Lexington has grown into one of the most respected companies in the furniture industry.

Their product line in the areas of wood, upholstery and interior design includes the most varied of styles in the industry. They offer products for every room in the home, including the bedroom, dining room, living room, home office, media room, and outdoor living. The company offers well-known consumer brands such as Tommy Bahama Home, Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living, Artistica Home, Barclay Butera and Sligh.

Lexington Home Brands is headquartered in High Point, NC, and has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Lexington and Hickory, NC. The wholesale showroom is located in High Point, NC with showrooms in Denver and Manhattan. A specialty retail store owned by Tommy Bahama Home is located in Newport Beach, California. Home products are sold in the United States and around the world through a network of select independent furniture dealers, interior decorators and design firms, showrooms and internet retailers.

As a furniture brand for over a century, Lexington Home Brands’ product range is touted as a lifestyle collection. The company also produces furnishings for contract and hotel markets. With their commitment to high quality, Lexington Home Brands continues to create one of the best products with exceptional value and craftsmanship in a variety of styles. Quality comes at a higher price, of course, and Lexington is definitely not a budget furniture brand. You can discover cheaper deals and more expensive collections, but in the end, Lexington Home brands produce high-end-high-end to low-end furniture. Best Furniture Brands For The Money and you won’t regret it.

Bernhardt Furniture

Bernhardt Furniture was founded in Lenoir, North Carolina. by John Bernhardt. Over the years, it continues to be one of the most popular brands for good reason. Bernhardt has been a driving force in the American furniture industry since the 1890s and creates range products that stand for elegance, beauty and high quality Best Office Furniture Brands.

They focus on innovation and bring eye-catching new furniture to their collections. They adapt to changing styles while retaining traditional elements. For this reason, Bernhardt Furniture is a real representation of American style and success – a real brand for high quality furniture.

The name of the company stands for excellent craftsmanship and high quality design. Skilled artisans always create unique pieces with individual handcraft, original artistic details and luxurious materials so that you can express your personal style in your home.

Bernhardt Furniture has eight facilities worldwide with around 1,200 employees. Its corporate headquarters and multiple manufacturing facilities are located in the county town of Caldwell in Lenoir and have a 75,000 square foot showroom in High Point, North Carolina – considered by many to be the world’s capital.

Bernhardt Furniture is now in the fourth generation and develops a number of brands, including Bernhardt Residential (1889: storage and occasional furniture for the whole house, upholstered seats made of fabric and leather), Bernhardt Design (1981: furniture for contemporary offices and textiles for the Contract market), Bernhardt Interiors (2008: a complete collection for the whole house of eclectic, customizable and high-quality furniture) and Bernhardt Hospitality (2009: commercial furniture for the travel and leisure market)

Kincaid Furniture

Kincaid Furniture is another American Best Living Room Furniture Brands manufacturer based in North Carolina, USA. Their line of products is mixed but high quality and incredibly affordable for newcomers to the furniture industry. For four generations, Kincaid Furniture has been based on the philosophy of making furniture from wood in its most natural form using solid wood constructions.

They became a public company in 1983 to help them grow through new facilities and nationwide expansion. Many current Kincaid employees are third-generation. La-Z-Boy bought Kincaid Furniture in 1988 and proved to be the ideal parent company for Kincaid. As a brand of high-quality furniture, they continue to deal with the production and design of local hardwoods.

In 2000, Kincaid Furniture became a manufacturer who added an extensive line of custom upholstery fabrics with the purchase of an upholstery factory in Taylorsville, North Carolina. Over the years, Kincaid Furniture has grown to become the industry’s leader in solid wood furniture.

Real solid wood is used in all exterior cladding and molded edges to ensure quality and beauty that will last for generations. Kincaid does not use veneers.

All solid wood products from Kincaid are manufactured in a connected corner using glue and screw technology, which makes the product stronger and minimizes the bending from the joint. Kincaid’s dovetail drawer design uses the best dovetail for every application. When construction allows, English dovetail tails on the front and back of the drawer ensure a snug fit and exceptional holding power.

Kincaid Furniture focuses its efforts and resources on the details that add value to the consumer – and create furniture that will last for generations.

Liberty Furniture

Liberty Furniture is a new addition to our list of the best furniture brands, specializing in mid-range furniture. This private company strives to offer its customers furniture of the highest quality with exceptional design, quality and workmanship. When you buy Best Baby Furniture Brands , its quality craftsmanship is certainly enough to make your hard earned money worth it. You’re one of the top rated new furniture makers and brands on this list.

In 1992 Richard Brian took the opportunity to start his own company. He started with the vision of a company that thrives on the values of hard work, fairness and integrity. With just seven people and a modest part of a warehouse in west Atlanta, Liberty Furniture opened its doors and only sold wooden chairs and laminate tables.

The company gradually introduced more casual eating styles and the vision took shape. When Liberty could only afford a showroom in the basement of High Point, Brian first took chairs out on the street to attract customers. This initiative and passion for success are visible to this day and form the heart of Liberty Furniture. Now they have a warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia and Monee, Illinois. The company also has a showroom in High Point, North Carolina.

Today Liberty – a high quality furniture brand and American made company – uses high quality hardwoods and veneers to build solid wood beds, tables, chairs and storage units. They go through a detail-oriented grinding and finishing process in order to produce functional and decorative furniture. From glass placemats and home office desks in the transition area to casual dining sets in white and pub placemats in a caramel look to rustic sleigh beds made of oak and white bunk beds for young people, you will be satisfied with furniture from Liberty Furniture.

Liberty doesn’t try to make the Best Bedroom Furniture Brands on the market and has focused its entire business on meeting the demands of the average shopper. However, Liberty Furniture looks great and is very familiar with new styles. Every piece Liberty makes is focused on customer satisfaction. They combine aesthetic craftsmanship with really affordable prices.

Lulu and Georgia Furniture

As of 2012, Lulu and Georgia have been a Los Angeles-based company that grew from a start-up to a multi-million dollar company. This is a huge online interior design and furniture store. The spirit behind this brand is Sara Sugarman.

Growing up in a family that pioneered the interior design scene, Sara explains her roots: “Much of my creative inspiration comes from vintage carpets designed by my family. As a young woman surrounded by people who are considered pioneers in the field of interior design, starting my own interior design business seemed like a natural evolution to me. Lulu and Georgia are actually named after my grandfather Lou and my father George. “

The line of products from Lulu and Georgia includes all types of modern indoor and outdoor furniture. You will discover high quality and exclusive furniture and accessories that resemble rather rare finds. Their pieces are often exclusive (many are handcrafted by in-house designers and manufacturers) so you know you’re getting something very special.

Their collection of carpets is huge and they also sell lots of quirky textiles, lighting fixtures, murals and wallpapers for your home.

Modern furniture such as upholstered sofas, elegant stools, stools or benches, glamorous headboards, steel-based tables and chic mirrors – all of these are examples of the extensive collections in Lulu and Georgia. Pillows, baskets, dishes, and other decorative items can be the final element in completing your home design process. They also offer exclusive pricing and corporate services to interior designers and architects participating in their designer program in Lulu and Georgia. As a member, you get 20% off retail prices, tax-exempt status on purchases (except in California), or exclusive access to VIP sales.

The company’s website is easy to navigate thanks to user-friendly filters that include interior design preferences, brands, categories, or price ranges, among others. You can search for the best furniture by room, style, or simply the latest offers. Despite the large selection of furniture and decorative items, the online purchase and payment process is quite fast and secure. Lulu and Georgia, on the other hand, don’t yet offer live support chat on the website or a phone number to call in case you need more information or have a problem with your order or the product you just purchased. In addition, not all returns are free.

On the other hand, the prices are pretty high. But one thing must be understood: the furniture brand Lulu and Georgia is the first choice if you like exclusive home decor and furniture! You pay more for exceptional, exclusive design and Best Furniture Brands For Sofas . And they cover everything you could possibly need to decorate your home. It is definitely NOT the recommended brand if you are looking for affordable or inexpensive furniture and are NOT obsessed with unique, trendy and stylish products.

La-Z-Boy Furniture

It all started in a garage in Monroe, Michigan in 1927. Two cousins, Edwin J. Shoemaker and Edward M. Knabusch, designed a wooden slatted veranda chair (which was then upholstered at the suggestion of a buyer). This chair launched the La-Z-Boy brand and a new category in the furniture industry – the iconic recliner. The company name La-Z-Boy was then suggested by an employee who earned $ 25 for the invention. From their humble beginnings, they have sought to make furniture of the highest quality, doing much of their work in the United States.

Like other innovative and pioneering companies, La-Z-Boy is so well known for its loungers that the company’s name is often synonymous with loungers! And yes – they know how to build one of the best daybeds made in the USA. A quick look at the styles offered on their website reveals over 200 different designs in the lounge area alone.

La-Z-Boy loungers have the signature look of plush pillows and a full leg support that opens for maximum comfort. Others are modern or traditional in design and you almost wouldn’t know it was a daybed. However, the La-Z-Boy company offers a wide variety of other furniture. Here you will find a variety of chairs, sofas, love seats, sections, tables, desks, swivel or sliding chairs and home accessories.

La-Z-Boy owns several other well-known brands including American Drew (trendy bedroom and dining room collections),  Kincaid Furniture (solid wood furniture), Hammary (complete living and dining room furniture), England Furniture Co (family furniture at moderate prices), and La-Z-Boy Residential (leading manufacturer of loungers and one of the largest American manufacturers of upholstered sofas, love seats, chairs and stools).

La-Z-Boy furniture is also available worldwide through various channels. This includes galleries and studios owned by the company or sole proprietorship, as well as independent retailers who sell a mix of furniture from the brands mentioned above.

All of their 10 Best Furniture Brands is in the middle range. They are headquarters and would last long enough to be worth the money you put into them. La-Z-Boy stays close to its traditional roots but has added fresher and more stylish designs in response to changing demographics. One of the best things about them is that they offer so many upgrades and options for the furniture that you want to buy. Personalization is limited to fabric, wood, handle and cushion options – with an impressive range of over 900 fabric and leather options in various qualities. You should note that the choice of personalization can affect the final price. The delivery is also extended by 8 to 10 weeks. However, if you are patient, it may be worth waiting for the perfect piece of furniture to go with your decor.

Another interesting feature is the online presence. You can find a store locator on the La-Z-Boy website that will help you find the store closest to you. You can browse and buy the furniture online, but you may have the opportunity to find a store near you and test what to buy from them. Since La-Z-Boy is sold individually through franchise stores, you cannot buy a product in one region and have it shipped from a La-Z-Boy store in another part of the country.

When it comes to purchasing upholstered furniture and lounge furniture, this brand name comes to mind. So why wait Buy the best La Z Boy Best Brands Of Furniture from the start. Their name is synonymous with high quality at a good price, and the furniture they have made ensures that generations of your family will be comfortable.

Raymour & Flanigan Furniture

Raymour & Flanigan Furniture began their journey in 1947 with a shop in downtown Syracuse, New York. It’s a well-known chain that focuses on Best Affordable Furniture Brands , mattresses, and decor. Raymour & Flanigan is the seventh largest conventional furniture and mattress retailer in the United States (and #1 in the Northeast), offering world-class customer service, premium furniture, and proven quality. They sell in seven northeastern states through more than 100 locations and around 5,600 employees.

As the largest furniture retailer in the Northeast, they focus on selling discount furniture and mattresses, at a reduced price with a very wide range of products online and in-store. While most customers are excited about their offerings, there is disagreement about customer service and delivery.

What sets Raymour & Flanigan apart is their competitive prices. This furniture company has consistent offerings for customs clearance and also has exit experience for overcrowded furniture. These products include sofas and modular furniture, beds and bedrooms, mattresses, garden furniture, etc.

Your website is well organized. A separate area for children’s products and a separate area for shops make navigation in this online shop easier. You can browse thousands of products, shop by category, brand, or apply filters to narrow your search. The product pages have a lot of information you might want to know about dimensions, features, a gallery of beautiful photos, and reviews from real customers.

The company is a household name in the budget budget for budget furniture, a place to buy great furniture, from inside the home to outdoor and home decor. If you live in the northeastern United States, want to choose from a wide variety of products before making your final decision, and enjoy discount sales or outlets, Raymour & Flanigan Furniture is one of your best choices.

Jonathan Adler Furniture

Would you like to add a touch of Hollywood glamor to your home? Look no further! Jonathan Adler Furniture is your one-stop shop for chic and sophisticated furniture. The brand was born out of a single man’s love for pottery, which grew into a business for everything. This brand is primarily a wholesale franchise but offers direct sales to consumers through their Best Furniture Brands In Usa. I have to warn you that this brand is not for all budgets, but it is definitely worth a visit!.

The inventory includes furniture, accessories, carpets, lighting, ceramics, art, gifts and much more. They work with top online sellers and dealers to distribute their collections worldwide.

Nowadays you can see furniture from the Jonathan brand in very different places. Jonathan Adler’s mission is to commit to excellence in craftsmanship and execution. This is because when you choose furniture from this company you will get a product of the highest quality and no detail will be overlooked.

The designs and collections have a taste of the Hollywood vibe mixed with modern elements for a final look. Whatever you need for your interior design project, you will find the essentials for every room in Adler’s collections. While there are many types of decoration that can be achieved with your furniture, each unique piece can be used in multiple rooms to achieve multiple looks.

To get the most out of Jonathan’s work, combine different products. For example, combine a sofa with a matching side table in living rooms. Add a chair next to the sofa or a mirror above the sofa (see picture on the right). Check out Jonathan Alder’s range of lighting fixtures, as there are many lighting elements that can be combined very well here. Finally, pay close attention to the dimensions and materials used in construction.

For all the furniture you need, always look for a luxurious solution in the  Jonathan Adler collections. Although pottery continues to be the focus of their business, Jonathan Adler Furniture offers impeccable craftsmanship in furniture, lighting, home accessories, decorative items, table collections, bedding, bathroom accessories, candles, rugs and pillows.

Stone and Beam Furniture

Amazon’s Stone & Beam collection is the newest entry to major furniture brands. You probably remember the days when Amazon only sold books – Amazon wasn’t a household name back then. It grew up because people crave the convenience it offers – fast delivery, helpful services, and cutting edge technology that makes life more connected.

Undoubtedly, this success is why the company has launched more private label brands like Echo Dot & Alexa, in-house fashion brands like Goodthreads, baby and childcare with Mama Bear, and several other brands that offer basic products for the home. Now it’s a new adventure Best Modern Furniture Brands.

The style of Stone & Beam furniture is a bit more upscale, with warmer pieces and lighter surfaces. The aesthetic tends towards cleanliness, cosiness and a bit of rusticity – like a farmhouse that is as cozy and homely as it is rustic. Good quality mid-priced pieces, from furniture and linens to an excellent array of lighting.

The prices are a little higher than the Amazon Rivet collection, but not so far that the furniture becomes unreasonable in any way. Overall, the furniture in the Stone & Beam branded collections is robust, well constructed and easy to assemble. Stone & Beam certainly offers some notable styles that can really serve as an accent in any room in your home.

There’s so much variety and the prices are almost always lower than the competition’s equivalent or similar styles. You will have a hard time finding such a wide range of high quality furniture at similar costs online.

I highly recommend buying furniture from the Stone & Beam collection if you’re looking to style your home or start from scratch. Your friends won’t know you didn’t spend thousands of dollars on a major brand of furniture, but your wallet will surely appreciate it. The best news, of course, is that Amazon Prime users get free shipping on everything they order when they purchase Stone & Beam furniture and get free returns within 30 days. Amazon really knows how to do business!

Stanley Furniture

Stanley Furniture is another big name from our top furniture brands known in the world of interior design and furniture, an icon in the industry. Favorite furniture company by owners and designers around the world, it has built its reputation on original designs, high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Your collections and products are crafted with a sophistication that takes the style and substance of your home to a new level.

It’s another story of decades of success when the company was founded in 1924 by Thomas B. Stanley in the Commonwealth of Virginia. From simple farmer to successful industrialist, reading Thomas Stanley was not easy, but interesting.

Stanley Furniture‘s roots were humble when the industrial revolution moved south in the early 20th century and workers moved from farm to factory. However, the employees brought their skills, work ethic and expertise with them, which was instrumental in starting such a company.

In addition to being a simple capitalist, Thomas B. Stanley is a member of the United States House of Representatives and was elected governor of Virginia in 1953. After the end of his tenure as governor, Stanley took over responsibility for the furniture. and to become Vice President and Director of First National Bank.

Today the Stanley brand is one of the best American furniture companies. It is a publicly traded furniture company and continues to innovate with truly unique and inspiring designs. Stanley, like many of the top furniture brands on this list, has been keeping a close eye on emerging design trends. Most of their style can best be described as a modern take on traditional styles, although they are no stranger to a more medieval or contemporary and Best Rated Furniture Brands line. Everything is secured with high quality furniture materials.

Stanley took an aggressive move to stay national when the vast majority of its competitors gave up and decided to import. The company spent a lot of money on technology to make this strategy work. The current market for high quality wooden home furniture including dining room, bedroom, living room, home office, home entertainment and accent furniture, as well as kindergarten and youth furniture Stanley is an America-made, high-quality furniture company that honors its legacy every day by committed to eye-catching designs, exquisite finishes, superior quality, and superior customer service.

Ashley Furniture

Love them or hate them, Ashley Furniture is at our top. Ashley is known for affordable furniture and huge home stores. Their products are designed for low budget consumers looking for fast delivery. Since their designers coordinated all the collections, you can achieve a cohesive look for your home.

In 1945, Carlyle Weinberger founded the Ashley Furniture Corporation as a sales organization based in Chicago, Illinois. Ashley specializes in wood accent furniture and markets products from local businesses. In 1970 Ashley invested in Arcadia Furniture in Wisconsin and moved to Arcadia to open her own factory and open a new modern furniture store. In late 1982, Arcadia Furniture and Ashley Furniture Corporation merged into one company, Best Made Furniture Brands Industries, and headquarters were relocated to Arcadia, WI.

The first Ashley HomeStore opened in 1997 in Anchorage, Alaska. Since then, the company has grown to become the leading home furniture retailer in North America. They have stores in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Japan, Kazakhstan, and Singapore. The company has US manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, as well as international manufacturing facilities overseas.

The company has several brands and divisions of furniture: Ashley CasegoodsAshley UpholsteryMillenniumAshley Sleep and all HomeStores offer a selection from these three groups. The Casegoods division includes dining, bedroom, table, wall and storage units. There is a wide range of prices, styles, colors and finishes to choose from. The upholstery department (Signature Design Line) includes all sofas, loveseats and sections. Their groups of sofas and sections range from traditional to modern, in different fabrics and leathers.

The Millennium Collection is the highest quality that Ashley offers. These pieces are best made from higher quality materials. Buy furniture from this collection with confidence. Millennium offers modern yet timeless pieces for the bedroom, dining room, living room and everywhere in between. Ashley Sleep launched its mattresses in 2008 and has become one of the fastest growing brands. By leveraging her global resources, Ashley Sleep can create mattresses, foundations and pillows from higher quality comfort materials that are typically found in much more expensive products.

Ashley Furniture sells direct to consumers nationwide through Ashley HomeStores. There are also independent franchise stores that only sell premium Ashley products. You can also find their collections at most neighborhood retailers and online furniture stores. Furniture is of fair quality, but not the best in the business. After all, you get what you pay for, and most Ashley furniture is very economical. It is best for those who are building their first home or are on a very low budget.

Sauder Furniture

Sauder Furniture has been around for over 80 years after starting out as a family carpentry shop. They are one of the leading manufacturers of ready-to-assemble furniture (RTA) and one of the five largest manufacturers of home furniture in the United States.

In 1934, Erie Sauder opened a joinery in a barn behind his home in Archbold, Ohio. Best Teak Furniture Brands First he built custom cabinets and pews, after a while he began making small tables out of fine and leftover wood. That changed in 1940 when an avid traveling salesman placed an astounding order for 25,000 tables – a seemingly impossible order for a small business.

With a little ingenuity and determination, Sauder Woodworking Co. grew and prospered. Later in 1953, Erie found the answer to her calling – a patented table that could be assembled at home. This assembly table marks the beginning of the RTA furniture industry. To this day, Sauder is a third generation private family company with solid prestige.

Your home furnishings are incredibly affordable for the quality and look done. In fact, 90% of Sauder furniture brand products are made in Archbold, Ohio – where the company was founded. Although the city is small, the facility is large. With some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the world, the facility covers nearly 4 million square feet, employs approximately 2,400 people, and is home to a wide variety of local and imported materials.

The Sauder markets more than 40 different furniture collections in a full line of RTA furniture for the home including entertainment, home office, bedroom, kitchen and storage. They also source furniture from a network of high quality global partners, including a range of office chairs that complement office furniture for residential and commercial use.

Subsidiaries include Progressive Furniture Inc, a designer and importer of solid wood furniture – bedroom, dining, and accent furniture; Sauder Manufacturing Company, a leading provider of church, education, and healthcare seating. Other market segments include Sauder Funeral Products, a range of wooden boxes and other products from the funeral industry; and WoodTrac, a range of wood ceiling and cabinet systems for the residential and commercial market.

Atlantic Furniture

Atlantic Furniture has more than 30 years of experience in the furniture industry. Designers make and import solid wood furniture and mattresses. The company is strongly committed to quality, safety and environmental protection. Atlantic’s integrated collections encompass a variety of contemporary lifestyles to meet customer needs.

They invest in high quality craftsmanship that provides customers with lifelong satisfaction. All furnishings were designed by the company’s founder, Mark Valone, and benefit from his decades of experience. His ideas and designs are then transformed into functional furniture by partners around the world, each specializing in a different area of ​​furniture construction. All parts are then sent back to Atlantic Furniture‘s warehouse in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, where they are carefully checked for quality before being shipped directly to your home.

Security is a fundamental principle of Atlantean ideas. All furnishings have proprietary safety features that increase strength and durability while reducing the risk of injury. For each part, they use solid wood construction and steel reinforcements to extend the life of the product.

Atlantic Furniture is one of the best companies in the furniture industry and prides itself on making its products from environmentally friendly hardwood from plantations. Most products use wood from the para rubber tree, also known as rubber wood or hevea. They use mahogany from plantations, white birch, and Italian poplar. The use of these hardwoods is both economical and environmentally friendly.

The finishing process begins with a thorough sanding of each component, followed by applying a wiping compound to microscopically seal the pores of the wood. This putty is carefully hand rubbed onto the surface of the furniture and, once dry, a wood stain is applied to even out the grain and change the color of the wood. The protective coating construction process continues with a lightly tinted primer sealer that is absorbed by the exterior surface of the wood. After hardening, fine grinding polishing is performed. A secondary sealant that creates smooth surfaces and even wood tones is applied and given a final top coat.

With a wide variety of products to choose from to suit all needs, Best American Furniture Brands prides itself on offering the best values ​​and the highest quality furniture in the home decor market. You will discover your own unique furnishings that will enhance the comfort and attractiveness of every room in your home.

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