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Bernhardt Furniture The Best Collections

As I said, Bernhardt furniture has a huge catalog. In all fairness, you could spend days going through their designs and not seeing them all. We’ll do it for you and select the most popular bernhardt furniture reviews that you can buy in online furniture stores.

Bernhardt Furniture The Best Collections

1. Marquesa Collection

If you want to create a sophisticated look while maintaining casual comfort, you need the Marquesa collection. It is a collection that combines classic shapes with modern surfaces. European elements are undeniably recognizable, but the collection shapes their modern journey. The unique mix of materials and surfaces creates an attractive earthy palette that exudes luxury.

Clear shapes and delicate shapes are the hallmarks of Marquesa’s graceful silhouette. Decorative metal grilles are made using the Hearthstone finish and are depicted on wood, glass and an aged mirror throughout the collection. Graphite-coated metal is depicted on key shapes. The hardware is in blackened silver and goes perfectly with unique accents such as metal rosettes and fretwork in a Moorish tile pattern.

2. Campania Collection

Do you like a rustic style with a touch of modernity? The Campania collection has set new limits by offering both decorative and casual pieces. Campania has its very own character due to its style and attention to detail. The sloping posts, volutes, convertible legs and acanthus leaf carvings are just a few examples of Bernhardt’s absolute craftsmanship.

White oak solids and veneers match the Weathered Sand finish. The metal brush shows more veining in the veneer and the gray tones of the finish are lightened with a subtle whitewashed effect. Oyster finish of cast crushed stone and a cream-colored bisque cast stone offer tones and textures that blend perfectly with the antique pewter finish of the hardware. Every aspect of Campania has been thought through to find the perfect balance between design details and relaxed comfort.

3. Loft Collection

Loft is a bernhardt furniture quality collection of coordinated boxes and upholstery that are influenced by urban living spaces. The pieces are versatile with a unique appeal. Clean lines and simple, modern shapes can be combined with a variety of materials, including reclaimed wood, rustic metals, concrete and textured fabrics. Everything is placed in a palette of soft neutral and natural leathers. Bernhardt Loft is elegant and refined, with a look that reflects lifestyle, attitude and individuality.

Constructed structure, open frames, asymmetrical compositions and clear lines combine with organic shapes, natural rattan and raffia, structural details and aged pine in a palette of sand brown and ash. Geometric patterns, diamond and herringbone patterns emphasize the contrasts of wood, while cast concrete and metals suggest a metropolitan landscape. The upholstery is discreet in a selection of rich leathers. The look is chic and edgy, with sleek silhouettes, curvy shapes, tufted details, and simple frames.

4. Axiom Collection

With contemporary appeal and attention to craftsmanship, Axiom is changing expectations of what a transition furniture collection can achieve. The veneers are fused with acrylic and metal accents, which makes a nifty statement. Axiom’s modern lines stay warm, inviting and utterly unforgettable.

Two characteristic surfaces, Linear White and Linear Gray, perfectly complement the linear wood grain of these parts. A hand-applied plaster with a white linen finish makes a bold statement. While the Axiom collection offers clean lines and elegant shapes, other design elements such as ovals, triangular veneer patterns and inverted pyramids ensure an exclusive look. The cosmopolitan taste is enhanced by stainless steel accents and hardware in brushed silver.

5. Profile Collection

The profile offers a relaxed feeling thanks to a mixture of surfaces and materials. You will discover walnut veneers in a warm taupe finish that has a crossfire, unusual lightning or marble effect under the grain, and continue with Tapestry Gold finishes that emphasize the sheen without ever feeling over the top. From one piece to the next, the Profile collection offers luxury, but in packaging that is perfect for our time.

Profile Collection

Contoured parts also add accents such as wire mesh, travertine and gold paint. Metal panels serve as sculptural hardware on some pieces. The collection finds its harmony in different pieces, be it to combine clear lines with subtle curves or to present a two-tone metal and wood effect. Gold-painted dividers, geometric shapes and cantilever shelves complete the picture.

How to Protect and clean Bernhardt Furniture

Now that you have invested in your new bernhardt furniture customer service, you need to keep it looking good for many years to come. Depending on the variety of woods, the surface and the type of upholstery, each piece can contain different cleaning and protection suggestions. Here are some basic tips to get you started:

  • Always lift objects to move. Do not slide them across the surface of the furniture.
  • Please keep pets away from furniture. Animal urine and body oils are difficult to remove.
  • Do not place furniture directly under windows.
  • If spilled, wipe off immediately. If it’s bad, professional care is required.
  • Do not use furniture polish, saddle soap, oils, lacquers, ammonia, soaps, or leather dusting agents.
  • To avoid general contamination, vacuum frequently or brush lightly with a soft, non-metallic bristle brush.
  • Before cleaning, be sure to check the cleaning codes of all fabrics.
  • Rotate accessories on furniture so they don’t stay in one place all the time.
  • The covers are not pre-washed and washing may cause them to shrink.
  • Always remove damp pillows from furniture frames and let them dry.

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